Mesh/Textile Hybrid

The original solution to summer heat and the most trusted mesh jacket in motorcycling!


  • Free Air™ poly/mesh shell reinforced with Rock Tex™ at the shoulders, elbows and ribs for added protection

  • C.E. approved armor at the shoulders and elbows

  • Removable spine armor

  • Zipper secured removable waterproof full sleeve liner

  • Sculpted high density padding at ribs, kidneys and lower back

  • 6-point Sure Fit™ custom adjustment system

  • 2 outside hand warmer pockets

  • Internal breast pocket, Clip for key storage

  • Pocket for eyeglasses storage

  • 8" zipper plus 4 belt loops for jacket to pant attachment

  • Extended back

  • Large reflective striping across upper back

MSRP Starting @ $169.99

Available in:
Colors: Black | Black, Red | Black, Blue | Black, Grey | Black, Wine | Black, Green | Black,
Silver | Silver, Orange | Black, Hi-Viz Neon | Black, White | Black,
Sizes: Small to 3XLarge

Colors: Black | Black
Sizes: Small to 5XLarge

Colors: Black | Black, Grey Black
Sizes: Medium to 3XLarge

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Research Pays Off

On November 14th I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I was on my way to work at approximately 8:20 a.m. I was merging into traffic on a transition ramp when the traffic came to a sudden stop, I veered to the left to avoid a car carrier and at that time the the driver also veered to the left. I was faced with a cement k-rail wall directly in front of me, a car carrier to my right, and gravel on the shoulder I was now on. I decided my only way to avoid the sure collision was to veer to the left into a field. I immediately knew in seconds my CBR was not equiped to handle off road as my front shocks were bottoming out and the rear was bouncing side to side throwing me around like a rag doll. I noticed in the split seconds that there was a full sized fire extinguisher directly in front of me which I thought was a plastic gas can at first. I hit the extinguisher head on which sent the bike and I tumbling over and over multiple times. As I hit the ground each time I could hear popping in my hips. Once I finally came to rest with one last thud I started checking if I had movement in my fingers and toes. I was able to move them but was unable un-twist my legs. Luckily for me there was an ambulance stuck in the same traffic behind me and rushed to stabilize me within minutes. Now to my extreme thankfulness to the Joe Rocket company, I had been through buying and selling equipment until I found my Joe Rocket Rk 101 helmet which I just received 3 days before the accident and my Phoenix 5.0 CE armoured jacket. I had not a scratch on me from the waist up! No head or neck injuries the injuries I sustained were a broken pelvis, and lower back fractures that were major and very lucky for me not even worse. I have been learning to walk again but without the quality protective equipment from Joe Rocket I shutter to think how badly injured I would have been or much worse not here to even write this testimonial! I will be forever greatfull to the Joe Rocket company and my decision to research and purchase the best equipment. Side note my protective pants came in the day after the accident not sure they would have stopped all the injuries but they may have helped.

Jeff, CA

Saved my skin

I am not sure who to address this to, and hope that you could forward it to someone in charge of Product Development or Quality Control.
I wear a Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Jacket, Denim 3.0 Jeans and Power Trip Grand National gloves every time I ride. In the scorching heat of South Carolina, this combination makes it fun to ride no matter what the temp is. The fit of everything is perfect for me and seems tailor made. But, my letter is actually about your product's durability. This past Saturday, I was out riding around town and the temps were around 90 degrees. Very comfortable with this gear on. I was coming down a road at around 60 mph and there was a pick up truck towing a trailer in front of me. I came up a bit too fast, did not leave enough room between us, and when the driver suddenly slowed, with no brake lights to give me warning, I had no time or space to move. He jammed on his brakes, I started to swerve left to go around, and then he started to turn left. I hit my brakes hard and swerved tighter and lost it. The front felt as if someone had ripped it from my hands, and I was thrown violently in a split second onto my left shoulder and hip. I slid and rolled and when I finally came to a stop, I quickly crawled off the road as I thought I may be hit by a car coming in the other direction. I laid there for a while trying to catch my breath and hoping that my body was not severely torn up. After a moment, I sat up and slowly pulled off my helmet. People were telling me not to move, but I needed to see if I had bones sticking out or anything obviously traumatic to deal with. I was very happy to see all limbs intact, and that my gear had performed so damn good! There were many comments made, from the EMTs, the Police and hospital personnel, that without the gear, I probably wouldn't be there talking about what had happened. All said and done, I had one broken rib from the initial impact, a few small abrasions and bruising to ribs, hip and shoulder. The jacket has numerous holes in it and the side strap ripped off, the jeans have a few holes and the rear pocket ripped mostly off and the gloves have holes worn through on the palms, but not completely through. If I had gear of a lesser quality, I would have been in really bad trouble and needed skin grafts at minimum. The mesh jacket performed extremely well, the pants performed extremely well, as did the gloves. I want to thank you for making such good quality products. Joe Rocket has been my go to brand for awhile, but now it will be my ONLY brand. You and your top shelf gear have literally saved my skin! Again, Thank you very much!

Dan W. Columbia, SC

50MPH Broadside

Someone ran a stop sign and crossed in front of me on a divided highway. I hit him broadside at 50mph. I never even had the chance to let off the throttle. My brand new Gold Wing was totaled. My friend riding behind me said the bike simply exploded when it hit the minivan. The accident was so severe that the hospital sent the coroner. My Phoenix jacket probably saved my life. I sustained no broken bones or road rash.
Just wanted to say thank you for a great product. I will never wear anything else.

George V, MO.