Carbon Fiber Weave

In addition to boasting one of the lightest and most advanced shells on the planet, The Speedmaster Carbon’s deep, dark, gel-coated finish will simply set you apart from the sea of “look-at-me” graphics.


  • Ultra Lightweight Full Application 4 x 4 Carbon Fiber Weave Shell
  • Dual Density, Lightweight EPS impact absorbing liner
  • Superior fit and comfort through advanced CAD specifications
  • Optically superior anti-fog 3D face shield (w/ 95% protection from U.V. rays)
  • Shield actuation system featuring quick and secure, tool-less removal and installation
  • Quadport™ 2.0 ventilation system 2 massive front intakes channeled through to an aerodynamic rear venturi-effect exhaust spoiler, pulling heat & humidity up and out
  • Adjustable chin bar intake vent
  • Integrated side chin bar exhaust vents
  • Removable Air-Guide for enhanced fog resistance
  • Integrated Aerodynamic Rear Spoiler
  • Fully removable, washable & sublimated QWICKDRY™ Interior
  • Meets or exceeds both SNELL & D.O.T. standards

 MSRP Starting @ $399.99

Available in:
Colors: Carbon*, Black | Titanium*
SizesXSmall to 2XLarge
*Limited Availability

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Slightly Used

Hello - I just wanted to thank Joe Rocket for making an excellent product.
Myself and three others waited three months to go on our trip down to ride the Dragons Tail in Arkansas. I recently bought a used 09' Speed Triple and couldn't wait to ride it. Yesterday after 80 miles (4 hours from setting off) my Triumph had a catastrophic failure. I was approaching the group ahead of me at 40 mph when I pulled in the clutch and realized that I wasn't slowing down because the clutch wouldn't disengage. The only thing I remember is seeing my bike for a split second sliding quickly to the group in front of me. I laid there for a few seconds on the road (nearly got ran over by a pickup behind me) in disbelief. I rose to my feet and couldn't believe I wasn't hurt. My only injuries were a bruised shoulder, hips, sore pinky, and really sore ankles. You can see from the pictures that the gear saved my hide, literally. I was so proud of all my gear I had just removed all the tags that morning. My friends gave me crap that I had everything from the Joe rocket catalogue. Another friend joking said, "geez you could slide 200 feet in that stuff" 10 minutes before the crash at a prior pit stop. Now I'm sitting in a hotel room writing this while the other guys are out having fun :( Once again, thank you. I know I can count on your products.

John P.

AMA Speed Record Holder

"It is a masterfully crafted product. The images on the website really don’t do it justice compared to seeing the actual item. Light, comfy and professional grade."

350cc Production Classic Class AMA Speed Record Holder, Gary Ilminen