Q. What is ROCK TEX™?

A. Rock Tex™ is our proprietary name for abrasion resistant textile. It is available in a variety of denier "D" weights. The higher the number, the more abrasion resistant the material, and subsequently, the stiffer the material.


Q. What is SURE FIT™?

A. Sure Fit™ is the proprietary name we use for a system of adjustable straps and fasters that can be adjusted by the wearer resulting in a more personalized fit. The benefits are achieving the look you want while helping to keep your armor in place in the event of an impact.


Q. What is Denier?

A.  Denier is a unit of measurement that is used to determine the fiber thickness of individual threads/filaments used in the creation of textiles. textiles with a higher denier count tend to be more durable but stiffer while low denier count textiles tend to be softer and less durable.


Q. What is FULL FLEX™?

A. Full Flex™ is the proprietary name we use for a strategically tailored system of of expansion panels and stretch materials to amplify the riders ability to move while riding without sacrificing protection.


Q. What is FREE AIR™ Mesh?

A. Free Air™ is the proprietary name we use for our abrasion resistant mesh material. A large gauge textile weave specifically designed to allow for maximum airflow. Ideal for riding in extreme heat conditions.



A. The MetaSport system is a unique, patent pending design created to combine the benefits of two dramatically different jackets into one utilizing a precision system of zippers and snaps allowing the wearer to easily separate the outer waterproof textile jacket from the inner armored mesh jacket for hot weather riding and then reassemble them for colder and/or wet weather riding. Essentially creating two jackets in one.